Mapuguaquén speakers
Pablo Ocquetau
[ Chile 2017 ]
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Mapuguaquén speakers

Pablo Ocquetau

Mapuguaquén (Mapudungun for "the sound of the earth") are a series of manufactured speakers, made from clay on a potter's wheel and rounded with other natural and regional materials such as olive wood, wool and cork.

They were conceptualised to give an ancient craft a new feature, safeguarding the manufacturing tradition and the work with regional resources, while fulfilling contemporary needs.

“We could really hear the Sound of the Earth, thank you for that! It is a beautiful new mix of traditional materials and high-tech. A fantastic combination of a speaker and a decorative art object.”
- Jury Statement, Green Product Award

Green Product Award,
Newcomer Consumer Electronics, Berlin 2015

Special Mention Salone Satellite del Salone del Mobile, Milan 2015