Fawcett Ranch House
Frank Lloyd Wright
[ United States 1961 ]
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Fawcett Ranch House

Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright didn't build many houses in the Valley, and he wasn't particularly excited about the prospect of this one. Thumbing through photographs of the area, he told Randall Fawcett, “Not much beauty there.”

Fawcett replied: “Actually, Mr. Wright, the Central Valley of California contains the most fertile agriculture land in the world. you should consider it an honor to build a house there.”

So, he did. (excerpt from Fresno Bee. entire story:
Los Banos, California, USA

Proyecto: Fawcett Ranch House
Arquitecto: Frank Lloyd Wright
Localizacion: California, EE UU

Construccion: 1954
Fotografia: Scott Mayoral