Avra Verde
Rick Joy architects
[ United States 2008 ]
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Avra Verde

Rick Joy architects

Seven Exclusive Desert Pavilions On Forty Acres, located At The Saguaro National Park West. This project is to promote an indoor-outdoor lifestyle merging sensory experience, artisanship, and environment sensibility; to create the most unique private residence enclave in the American Southwest.

The use of raw, untreated steel works exceedingly well here in the Desert, reminding one of rusty cans or abandoned auto carcasses. The house is ingeniously angled to exploit precisely framed views in all directions and the overall effect is serene and sophisticated.

+ architect's statement

… The simplest things can evoke the deepest feelings. The silence in great music is often more profound than sounds…
Rick Joy
The Saguaro National Park West, Tucson, USA

Architect: Rick Joy architects
Project: Avra Verde

The Saguaro National Park West
Photo: © Avra Verde