Ampliación HOTEL rg
Estudio A2JD - Arq Jimena AYALA- Arq Ma Soledad ALESSO & Jorge DALESSANDRO
[ Argentina 2011 ]
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Vista Nocturna

Render Cuerpos Interconectados

Hotel Existente

Volúmenes Interconectados

Render Pantalla Profilit Glass

Render Pantalla y Cuerpo 2

Render Pantalla Profilit Glass

Render Cuerpo 3 (Piscina-Spa-Gym)

Render sobre calle La Rioja

Arq. Jimena Ayala

Arq. Ma Soledad ALESSO

Estudio A2JD

Estudio A2JD


Jorge DAlessandro

Ampliación HOTEL rg

Estudio A2JD - Arq Jimena AYALA- Arq Ma Soledad ALESSO & Jorge DALESSANDRO

The irruption of a contemporary object in traditional cities is not simple. However, as it leaves a mark that belongs to the present times, it incorporates the effect of a new image that gives a massage of transformation and an injection of modernity.
The new image of the Group RG S.A. needed to transmit not only modernity in its architectural expression, but also the fundamentals neccesary to project itself into the future.
Conceptually, this project consisted of emphasizing the building´s verticality in its insertion into the landscape by way of a material that would be read in a singular manner, and which would express itself in a simple and austere way.
The new Building is composed of three volumes. The exterior treatment unifies these three bodies.
The predominant material of this proposal is that of "Profilit Glass". The idea was to apply this material in the manner of a skin, generating a corridor of air between the closure, technically speaking, of the building and the exterior skin.
In fact, apart from using the structural, constructive, and of flexibility of use and services advantages that a simple shape offers, we thought that an elemental parallelepiped, would not become boring easily due to its being austere and repetitive.
Estudio A2JD - Arq.Jimena AYALA- Arq Ma.Soledad ALESSO & Jorge DALESSANDRO Asoc.
Arq. Albano HANG

Project: Enlargement HOTEL rg
Lot Area: 4230 m2
Building Area: 960 m2
Project Team: Arch. Jimena Ayala
Arch. Ma.Soledad Alesso
& Jorge D'Alessandro ASOC.
Structural Engineering: Eng. Eduardo Gentile
Work Team: Eng. Marcos Banegas
Juan Narváez & Cía
Eng. Wilson Haiek
Gervasoni Ingeniería SRL
Location: La Rioja 2580 - Santa Fe Ciudad
Año: 2011

R.P..I: CAPSFe 2011