Viviendas PH 4
[ Argentina 2010 ]
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Fotomontaje Vecindario

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Arq. Jimena Ayala

Estudio A2JD


Jorge DAlessandro

Viviendas PH 4


In the developments with few units, the common areas wich range from a colorful and brightly lit redition of the traditional "zaguán" (entrance vestibule which traditionally connected the street to the inner courtyard) to the continuity between the sidewalk and the entrance halls, imbue the public space with a particular character which offers less aggressive alternatives to the need for security and control demanded by their metropolitan condition. In this sense, the visual transitions proposed through gradual passages from transparency to opacity, linked to the plasticity of the facade designs, propose a simultaneous effect of attraction and integration with the context.
The lot is situated in a low-density residential area, in Santa Fe city.The Desing of the building needed to absorb the structural strains produced by the action of the wind.
This is a building with few units and low maintenance costs, designed for young people, in West Guadalupe, a neighborhood that has experienced a dramatic change from the traditional values that are still conserved in other residential districts in the city. Salvador del Carril Street is one of the main arteries and concentrates an important amount of pedestrian movement generated by commercial activity. In this sense, the facade of the complex re-elaborates in a contemporary language the typical local arrangement of low rise units with a retail unit at the front, integrated in a harmonious manner to the demands of shading and glazing of the North-facing units on the upper floors
Ing Julio BALDI
Arq. Albano HANG
Avda Salvador del Carril - SANTA FE - ARGENTINA

Proyect Team:
Arch. Jimena AYALA & Jorge D'ALESSANDRO;
Arch. Soledad ALESSO; Arch.Albano HANG
Structural Engineering: Ing. Julio BALDI
Location: Avda Salvador del Carril- Santa Fe
Building Area: 460 m2
A2JD 2010